What Is Six Sigma?

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Six Sigma is a systematic approach of using data to enhance your business by either:

  1. Improving existing business processes, or
  2. Designing new business processes.


This is done by reducing variability in a process, thereby strengthening the predictability of the results.



Six Sigma techniques can be used in any business that relies on QUALITY.



A customer needs a taxi to pick him up every day between 5:45 and 6:15.

He calls Company A and Company B ten times each.


The arrival times are shown:

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According to the customer, Company B delivers a better product because their process yields less variation.


The Six Sigma methodology starts and ends with the customer's perspective, using a rigorous approach to identifying not just the symptom of a problem (i.e., inconsistent arrival times) but more importantly, the root cause of variation, explaining why it occurred.


Business owners are often forced to make decisions based on 'gut feel', but sometimes the problem is too complicated or an educated guess could be too costly.


Properly applied six sigma techniques remove the guesswork.


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